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RG201: 視訊課程-Resolve高階技巧2日課程
 February 4-5 2023

Warren 要回來台灣了!!!
這些是2023年2月4日至12日將在      台北市內湖區南京東路6段346號3f之二(采鴻映像Color Engineering Studio) 親自授課

RG201: Advanced Color Grading for Movies, Commercials & TV

Ideal for current Resolve Colorists with at least a year’s experience or students who have taken a previous ICA classor an online course like the FXPHD courses. We cover advanced techniques using the latest Resolve software. Focused on Colorists who are grading Feature Films, Commercials, Documentaries and TV Drama.



This is a hands on class, so you’ll get the class media so you can follow along. A variety of different ICA media formats will be used and the emphasis will always be on grading a sequence rather than individual clips.



The ICA footage used comes from a variety of different cameras, and is not always beautifully shot so more like the footage and challenges we face everyday as a colorist.

ICA 素材使用來自各種不同的攝影機,不完全都是漂亮的鏡頭,它比較像是我們作為調色師每天所面對的影片和挑戰


ICA classes are capped at 10 people with each student getting a media download link 7 days before the class starts. Students are encouraged to share their own material so they can get individual feedback from Warren.

ICA課程的人數上限為 10 人,每位學員在課程開始前 7 天會收到一個素材下載連結;同時也鼓勵學員分享他們自己的素材,而學員將會收到Warren的個別建議


This class is designed around a number of small sequences. We will work through the timelines from start to finish considering the best strategies to get the job finished efficiently. The students can keep all the ICA media, the lessons, projects and the screen recordings. Making it a great way to continue your learning long after the class has finished.

課程設計是有關符合一些小序列的,我們會從開始到結束以有效率、策略性方式帶領學員完成整個題材呈現,學員可以保留所有 ICA 素材、課程、題材和錄影檔,這會是一個在課程結束一段時間後能夠繼續學習的好方法。


What will you learn? 課程內容


  • Explore the latest Resolve Color management. 探索最新的Resolve色彩管理

  • All Proxies, Optimized Media, and RAW Debayer  explained. Proxies、Optimized Media和RAW Debay

  • Grading RAW files including BRAW, RED IPP2, Drone in D-log

  • Grading in ACES v DaVinci Color Managed v Normal YRGB. 在ACES、DaVinci Color Managed、 Normal YRGB中調色差別

  • Complete refresh of Primary controls using an edited sequence. Lift Gamma Gain, Offset, Curves, RGB Mixer, LUM Mix and LOG grading. Plus the new HDR tools. What are the differences and when to use each tool?                                                                               使用已編輯序列來更新Primary controls. Lift Gamma Gain、Offset, Curves、RGB Mixer、LUM Mix 和LOG調色

  • The Nodes explained including the Layer, Parallel and Shared Nodes.  節點解說包括圖層、並行處理和共享節點

  • 加上新的HDR工具,差別為何?以及如何分別使用

  • The Color Warper and Magic Mask.


  • Where do we start the grade, how do we approach the session?


  • What do clients expect from you?


  • Adjusting skin tone with confidence.


  • Doing small VFX in Resolve like a sky replacement, what is expected?

  • Explanation of how HDR Dolby Vision works. 說明HDR杜比視界如何處理


  • External mattes and RGB mattes, how do they help us?


  • Advanced Problems, we don’t always get the best footage to work with.


  • Noise Reduction we look at the different types. 降噪,我們看到不同的類型

  • Adding VFX shots and managing bigger projects. 加入VFX鏡頭和管理更大的項目

  • Do you ever re-grade a show 6 months later? Use Color Trace to recover your grades.                                                                                    Color Trace來恢復你的調色

  • Adding an .SRT subtitle file 加入一個SRT字幕檔

  • Workflows with multiple timelines using the Scene Cut Detector.                                                                                                                     多個時間軸的工作流程使用場景剪輯探測

  • Conforming issues from Premiere Pro and other NLEs. How can we fix them and                                                                                             what do we do if the conform is a nightmare?                                                                                                                                                 Premiere Pro和其它NLE 套片問題,我們如何解決?該如何處理

  • Grading in ACES v DaVinci Color Managed v Normal YRGB.                                                                                                                           在ACES、DaVinci Color Managed、 Normal YRGB中調色差別

  • Making a LUT, exporting and importing LUTs and PowerGrade Looks                                                                                                               製作LUT,導入及匯出LUTs和PowerGrade外觀


  • Resolve OFX Plugins for the Colorist, which are the best OFX for the Colorist.

        給調色師使用的Resolve OFX插件是最好的OFX插件

  • Color Compressor 色彩壓縮

  • Shift Tilt 傾斜移位

  • De-band 去色帶

  • Face Refinement 面部優化

  • Soften and sharpen 柔化與銳化

  • Color Space Transform 色彩空間轉換

  • Patch replacer 

  • Aperture diffraction 光圈繞射

  • Lens Flares 鏡頭光暈

  • De-flicker 去除閃爍

Hours 上課時間



Warren has been coloring for 30 years and has been using Resolve since 2005. He co-founded the International Colorist Academy in 2009 and now splits his time between grading and teaching. Warren is based in Brisbane Australia where he owns and operates his own Color grading shop.

Warren已經有30年的調色經驗,使用Resolve軟體時間從2005年至今;2009年共同創立ICA,現在的他在做調色工作與教學,也在澳洲布里斯本經營自己的Color grading shop




All students on this course receive an ICA Virtual Certificate and a screen recording of the class



Frequently asked questions 常見問題

What equipment will I need? 我需要什麼樣的設備?

  1. A laptop or desktop PC or MAC capable of running the latest Davinci Resolve software.

        一台筆電或桌機 PC或MAC可安裝操作最新版本的Davinci Resolve 軟件

     2. Two monitors are preferred but not essential. This means you can have your software on 1 monitor and the instructor on the other.


     3. Ability to download 15GB of training footage. 能夠下載15GB的練習素材


Can I keep the training footage after the class? Yes. Media and any handouts can be used to progress your learning.


Can I still become an ICA member?

Yes, you will be able to get your bio on the ICA website and will have access to discounts from the sponsors and future ICA events.

我仍然可以成為ICA會員嗎? 是的,您可以在ICA的網站上看到您的個人資料,也能獲得贊助商和未來ICA的活動折扣

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若報名人數少於4位時,iColorist 保留將課程延期至報名人數達 人或以上人數的權利

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