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Warren 要回來台灣了!!!
這些是2023年2月4日至12日將在 台北市內湖區南京東路6段346號3f之二(采鴻映像Color Engineering Studio) 親自授課

“This is a hands on creative workshop that concentrates on grading skin tones. We will look at why skin is difficult to color and why we 

always question our ability to get skin ‘just right.’



Matching will be an important part of this RG204 class as a badly matched skin tone is one of the first things a client will notice.



This is an example of the type of footage used in each lesson, 

that you can keep for your own practice.



 1. Mixed skin and beauty type commercial footage.
Great for doing very soft/mist type looks and blemish removal using the Resolve OFX.

混合皮膚和美容類型的廣告鏡頭 Resolve OFX



2. A branded content that was shot on a RED and a SONY A7S.
The star of the film is also the CEO and the client, making things a little more tricky.

使用RED和SONY A7S拍攝的廣告品牌內容 影片中的執行長和客戶讓事情變得有點棘手


3. A Courtroom scene shot on multiple cameras with different ISO and Color temp settings.



4. Matching an interview sequence shot on a RED, BMD Pocket, Sony  iPhone 11. This is not an easy grade. 
RED、BMD Pocket、Sony 和iPhone 11下拍攝出的採訪序列;這不是一個容易的調色

You Will Learn 您將從課程中學到:

  • Commercial skin tones 廣告膚色

  • Shaping faces 臉部的塑造

  • Feature enhancement or de-enhancement 臉部特徵的增強

  • Blending highlights 混合高光

  • Color constancy 色調的恆常性

  • Masculine and feminine grades 男性與女性的調色

  • Great skin for different cultures 不同文化中的完美膚色

  • Natural and false skin color自然與虛假的膚色

  • Managing make-up and blemishes 操控彩妝和臉部瑕疵

  • How many variations should you offer your client? 你應該為客戶提供多少種調色?


I will also address how to deal with the different challenges 

presented by each sequence. Students then get the chance to do 

the same. Each sequence can also be finished

after class then uploaded to Frame io for review by myself.

Reviewing, class discussion and feedback is a major part of this class.  It will simulate what a real grading project with clients is like.

我也將會說明如何應對每個序列中不同的挑戰;然後學生們可以照做,也可以在課後完成每個序列,然後上傳到Frame io 我會親自查看。檢討、課堂上討論和反饋是本課程的主要部分。它將模擬與客戶一起進行的調色項目。


Hours 上課時間


Who should attend?  誰該報名此課程?

Great for any current Resolve Colorist with at least 1 years experience or 

previous students who have completed either the RG101 or RG201.

非常適合任何目前已有至少 1 年經驗 Resolve 調色師或已完成 RG101 或 RG201 的舊生。

beauty image.jpg

若報名人數少於4位時,iColorist 保留將課程延期至報名人數達 人或以上人數的權利

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