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RG 301視訊課程: Resolve 外觀與色彩匹配2日課程

Looks & Matching Masterclass


Warren 要回來台灣了!!!
這些是2023年2月4日至12日將在 台北市內湖區南京東路6段346號3f之二(采鴻映像Color Engineering Studio) 親自授課

 “This is my favourite class. It’s creative and concentrates on how color correction can bring your movie or sequence to life.  

 We will review film sequences, discussing how the color and mood has enhanced the film.”


This is a creative class that concentrates on how color correction can

bring your movie or sequence to life. We will review film sequences,

discussing how the color and mood has enhanced the film.



You will learn how to create the traditional ‘Looks’ from Movies,

TV commercials and Music Videos.


We will then focus on matching those ‘Looks’ not only shot to

 shot, but also how to apply the ‘look’ across the whole scene.



Warren works with different cut sequences, showcasing his

 techniques to get the best from each timeline. Here are a few

 examples of the footage used in this class.



1. TVC beauty type commercial shot on the BMCC.

   Great for doing very soft/mist type looks.

   美貌類型電視廣告用BMCC拍攝 - 非常適合做柔霧型的外觀


2. A war sequence shot on Sony F3. It’s fantastic fora ‘Saving Private Ryan’

    Bleach Bypass grade, a hot Jungle look, or the classic Day for Night.

    Sony F3拍攝的戰爭序列鏡頭 - 非常適合在 “搶救雷恩大兵” 中調色漂白效果,



3. ‘House of Cards’ shot for an ACS workshop. This is a recreation of an original scene from the

     classic Netflix series.

     ACS workshop “紙牌屋”的影片是一個重製經典Netflix秀的原始場景

4. A BMW fast cut commercial shot in various conditions on Alexa.


5. How many ways can you color a wedding? 你有多少方式來幫婚禮調色?

6. A Courtroom drama sequence shot with 4 different cameras. Blackmagic URSA Mini, Sony and GoPro.

     一部法院影集序列用4種不同的攝影機拍攝    Blackmagic URSA Mini, Sony and GoPro.

7. Matching an interview sequence shot on a RED, BMD Pocket, Sony

     iPhone 11. This is not an easy grade, trust me.

     用RED, BMD Pocket, Sony, iPhone 11拍攝一支訪談序列來做色彩匹配,


Warren will also address how to deal with the different challenges

presented by each sequence. Students then get the chance to do

the same on the same footage.


Reviewing, class discussion and feedback is a major part of this class.


It will simulate what a real grading project with clients is like.



Students are also encouraged to bring their own footage to work on

and share with the class.


You will learn 課程內容:

Using LUTs in a creative way.  創意使用 LUTs

Using Plugins and Resolve presets. 使用 Resolve 外掛與預設

Preloading your timeline with a fixed node structure. 在時間軸上預先放上節點

Advanced keying and curve control 進階去背與曲線控制

Power Windows used in a creative way  Power Windows 創意應用

Why use a fixed node structure. 為什麼使用固定節點結構?

The best ways to match footage from different cameras.用最佳的方式來匹配不同攝影機的素材

OFX for beauty work. OFX用於美化工作

Classic ‘Red Coat’ isolation.  經典孤立色彩

Looks covered 外觀涵蓋:

Spot colors  

Bleach Bypass 

The ‘Wishy Washy’ flat look 日系透感色調

Day for Night 夜戲日拍色調處理

Classic Black and White 古典黑白色調

Orange and Teal 藍橘色調

Cross Process 底片感色調

Hours 上課時間


Who should attend? 報名資格

Great for any current Resolve Colorist with at least 1 year experience or

previous students who have completed either the ICA Basic or Advanced classes.



"I really enjoyed the course. This is an excellent class for anyone seeking to learn interesting and creative ways to grade the different type of digital material. The course structure makes it very enjoyable, easy to understand and gives you the necessary knowledge to stand out in this competitive industry. Warren inspires and motivates you to be a better colorist.



- Carlos Cortez Climaco

   Colorist 調色師

   Mexico City 墨西哥城

Instructor 講師

Warren has been coloring for 30 years and has been using Resolve since 2005. He co founded the International Colorist Academy in 2009 and now splits his time between grading and teaching. Warren is based in Brisbane Australia where he owns and operates his own Color grading shop.

Warren已經有30年的調色經驗,使用Resolve軟體時間從2005年至今;2009年共同創立ICA,現在的他在做調色工作與教學,也在澳洲布里斯本經營自己的Color grading shop


Certificates 證書

All students on this course receive an ICA Virtual Certificate.



Frequently asked questions 常見問題

1. What equipment will I need? 我需要什麼樣的設備?

    A laptop or desktop PC or MAC capable of running the latest DaVinci Resolve software. 

    一台筆電或桌機PC或MAC可安裝操作最新版本的DaVinci Resolve 軟件

2. Two monitors are preferred but not essential. This means you can have your software on 1 monitor and the instructor on the other.


3. Ability to download 15GB of training footage.  能夠下載15GB的練習素材


Can I keep the training footage after the class? Yes. Media and any handouts can be used to progress your learning.



Can I still become an ICA member?

Yes, you will be able to get your bio on the ICA website and will have access to discounts from the sponsors.

我仍然可以成為ICA會員嗎? 是的,您可以在ICA的網站上看到您的個人資料,也能獲得贊助商的折扣

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若報名人數少於4位時,iColorist 保留將課程延期至報名人數達 人或以上人數的權利

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