Taiwan Classes 台灣課程

RG204: Resolve Skin Tone and Digital Makeup  膚色校正與數位彩妝 in Resolve v.17

Learn to manipulate skin tones for beauty and drama. Practice grades that make skin younger and older. Compare the ideal skin tone in different cultures. Skin is the focus of so many images it must be right.






Note: This class is a two day virtual class with a translator present at all times.


​​This is a hands-on level 2 practical masterclass for Resolve users, but colorists from other systems are also welcome. Everyone is encouraged to use their own ungraded media to use in addition to the course media.​​

這是一門給Resolve使用者在Level 2 實際操作練習的大師級課程,同時也歡迎使用其它程式的調色師,除了課程素材之外,歡迎大家帶著自己未調色的影片來使用。


You Will Learn 您將從課程中學到

  • Commercial skin tones 廣告膚色

  • Shiny hair 光澤的頭髮

  • The lipstick effect 口紅的影響

  • Shaping faces 臉部的塑造

  • Feature enhancement 臉部特徵的增強

  • Blending highlights 混合高光

  • Color constancy 色調的恆常性

  • Masculine and feminine grades 男性與女性的調色

  • Perfect skin in different cultures 不同文化中的完美膚色

  • Natural and false skin color自然與虛假的膚色

  • Managing make-up and blemishes 操控彩妝和臉部瑕疵

我真的很高興能夠在台灣進行Davinci Resolve 17的線上視訊教學課程,而這次的費用將比我們之前的課程要來得優惠許多;因為這次是線上課程,學生將可在家或是在工作場合上使用自己的電腦;您將需要一台與Resolve 17相容的MAC或是WINDOW的電腦,而所有在課程中的影片都將可以提供下載。


若有需詢問更多報名資訊,或是從台灣直接報名課程,請聯繫 Luke Cameron - luke@stonesoupproduction.com

Warren 誠摯期待與您一起線上見

Course Schedule: 課程時間表:

Saturday March 6  3/6(六)

9:00am - 10:30am RG 204 Session 1  RG204課程1

10:30-10:45am BREAK  休息時間

10:45am - 12:15pm RG 204 Session 2  RG204課程2

12:15 -1:00pm LUNCH BREAK 午餐時間

1:00pm-2:30pm RG 204 Session 3  RG204課程3

2:30pm – 3:30pm Happy Hour! Questions + Practice time  Happy Hour!提問與練習時間


Sunday March 7:  3/7(日)

9:00am - 10:30am RG 204 Session 4  RG204課程4

10:30-10:45am BREAK 休息時間

10:45am - 12:15pm RG 204 Session 5  RG204課程5

12:15 -1:00pm LUNCH BREAK 午餐時間

1:00pm-2:30pm RG 204 Session 6  RG204課程6

2:30pm – 3:30pm Happy Hour! Questions + Practice time  Happy Hour!提問與練習時間


Finish. 課程結束

I am really pleased to be doing some virtual Davinci Resolve 17 classes in Taiwan. The price is significantly cheaper than our in person classes because this is online using your own machine at home or at your work. That means you will need a Resolve 17 compatible Mac or Windows machine.  All Media will be supplied for download for the duration of the classes. 

Looking forward to seeing you online in Taiwan and spreading my color correction knowledge to the local film industry. Please contact me directly if you have any questions regarding the content of the classes. weagles@icolorist.com

For more booking information, or if you're booking directly from Taiwan, please contact Luke Cameron - luke@stonesoupproduction.com



Certificates 證書

All students on this course receive an ICA Certificate.


Instructor 課程講師 : Warren Eagles

Course is limited to 10 participants.

Book a spot now HERE.

$ 13,999NTD


MARCH 6 & 7 2021


Online / Virtual 線上視訊教學

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