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February  1 - 7  2020

台北市內湖區南京東路6段346號3f之二(Color Engineering Studio,  inc. 
采鴻映像 )

CT 102: Colorist Strategies  February 1-3. 2020年2月1日至3日(3天)

本課程專為影像製作人員、導演、攝影師、剪接師、視覺特效師、新秀調光師、助理調光師、DIT而設計。它涵蓋了豐富的色彩理論和色彩校正工具的詳細介紹,並深入剖析『顏色』在視覺的表相與心理和文化層面所扮演的影響力。讓你建立一套完整及有效的調光策略。本課程將會使用Resolve V16來進行範例解說,但內容不只是針對單一調色系統,對於橫跨不同調色系統的專業人員也非常有用。我們鼓勵學生帶影片來到課堂上進行討論。

This course is designed for industry professionals, assistant colorists,

and newer colorists. It covers colorist theory and a detailed look at

color tools. It also suggests grading strategies and session management

techniques. The course content is not system specific and is useful for

using and comparing all grading systems. Laptop systems are welcome

in the class. Participants are encouraged to bring frames or clips to

discuss during the class.

The first day covers colorist theories and explains the physical, psychological and cultural aspects of seeing. This leads to an understanding of how influential visual clues are in audience reaction and emotion. The course then examines the film, video and graphics and camera raw color tools that are available and how, when and why they might be used. We then cover best practices for color managed workflows and session management. You will learn about scene referred workflows, ACES, UHD, and HDR.

你將學習到 You Will Learn:

·  如何看待和應用『顏色』。How we perceive and react to color

·  解析度,色彩深度和動態範圍的真相。The truth about resolution, bit depth and dynamic range

·  如何使用log和linear的調色方法。Ways to work with log and linear grades

·  色彩校正的工具在不同媒材裡的演變歷史。How colorists make an image look great

·  了解為什麼主要的調色工具在每個系統上都是不同的。Why primary tools are actually different on every system

·  哪些技巧對於次級調色是最有效的。Which techniques are most effective for secondary grading

·  如何在調色時仍能保護影像的最佳畫質。What you can do to protect image quality

·  如何更有效率的調光。How to work faster

·  使用DI工作流程的不同方法。Ways to use DI workflows

·  如何與客戶合作。 How to work with clients


All students on this course receive an ICA Certificate.在這課程所有的學生都會得到一張ICA證書

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CT 201: Advanced Looks & Matching February 4-5, 2020年2月4 日至 5日 ( 2天)

這是一個色調創作的實作大師班。 對任何具有實戰經驗的調色師(導演、攝影師、剪接師、特效師)課程 。課程從歷史角度介紹經典的影像調色風格,更利用不同的調光工具的特性來重新雕塑所追求的顏色風格。


This is a hands-on operational masterclass for working colorists and freelancers.

The goal is to achieve new looks from old techniques.We look at grading styles

and looks that are frequently requested and discuss how to achieve them, along

with the cultural meanings or concepts they impart to a project. This course is an

ideal follow up to Colorist Strategies or other intermediate classes but is open to

any colorist with hands on experience. The class is valid for all grading systems.

The workshop begins with a presentation of standard looks from a historical perspective.

It then quickly moves into practical examples and experiments. Each participant can approach the course with their own ideas and objectives and everyone is encouraged to bring their own media to use in addition to the course media. This course is an exciting meeting of like-minded colorists and an opportunity to practice and try new ideas without the pressure of a client in attendance. Take advantage of this is a rare opportunity to sit together with other colorists to bounce problems and experiences around.


你將學習到 You Will Learn:

·  什麼是讓一個“色調”具有的代表性。What makes a “Look” iconic

·  “色調”和“風格”。The difference between a “Look” and a “Style”

·  電影中使用的顏色和對比度。Cinematic uses of color and contrast

·  如何分析和複製色調樣本。How to analyze and reproduce reference looks

·  調校黑白的最佳工具。The best tools for black and white

·  如何使用數位工具模仿傳統的化學跳漂白效果。How digital tools can imitate a chemical bleach bypass

·  何時靈活應用單色調和色偏。When to use color washes and color casts

·  不同的方法來處理“白天變黑夜”和“色調與時間的演變”。Different ways to handle day for night and time of day grades

·  如何應用次級調光工具。How to manage isolation effects

·  如何創造驚喜。How to have happy accidents!


All students on this course receive an ICA Certificate.


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CA 301 HDR Masterclass February 6-7, 2020年2月6日至7日

這堂課程適合所有在工作中將會用到ACES,HDR高動態範圍(包括Dolby Vision的HDR),UHD,Rec 2020和廣色域的調色師和業內專業人士。該課程從ACES和其他色彩管理工作流程開始,包括Dolby Vision的概述,看看這些最新技術如何讓調色的風格跟著改變,以及哪些工具能夠讓顏色更顯驚艷。每堂課都會有位翻譯,這位翻譯之前都在ICA的課堂上協助翻譯和幫忙。

HDR has been available to consumers since 2016 and is now the expected standard for Amazon and Netflix. It is supported by Sony, LG, Samsung, Apple and many more. HDR will become the new delivery format. Act now, be amongst the first to master HDR.

In this class you will learnt take full advantage of new workflows and develop new skills for HDR and other new standards. Ideal for colorists and industry professionals that will encounter ACES, High Dynamic Range (HDR including Dolby Vision), UHD, Rec 2020, and wide color gamut. We look at how grades and looks are affected by these new developments and which tools are most useful to achieve bigger better color.

You Will Learn 你將學習:

  • ACES file formats ACES文件格式。

  • ACES color spaceACES色彩空間。

  • ACES workflows / Grading ACES工作流程。

  • Dolby Vision 的掌握。

  • Understanding HDR and BT 2100 了解HDR和BT 2100。

  • PQ and BT 2084 PQ和BT 2084。

  • Grading HDR HDR調色。

  • UHD和rec 2020。

  • WCG交件格式。



All students on this course receive an ICA Certificate.在這課程所有的學生都會得到一張ICA證書

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